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In brief, there was an serious legal issue that I was wrongly charged with as a result of a malicious report and fabricated "evidence" supplied to authorities by an individual, where I was completely innocent. Due to the nature of the issue, the evidence I was pursuing was Forensic Data off a device. MCAA are experts and authority in this field. Shortly after examining the device, a expert report for the results MCAA retrieved. The analysis and report confirmed that I was telling the truth and all is good now in the legal arena. The expert report satisfied all entities and supported that I was telling the truth at all times. Thank you so very much MCAA for your excellent work and the pleasure of dealing with such genuine, professional persons, experts in their field of excellence.
Dean Last name withheld on request

''Without the ability of Coulthart to drag the content out, a man's life may have been ruined, iPhone evidence is] a bit like DNA. It can work both ways.''
Mr Gooley

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We provide expert evidence in all jursidictions for computer and mobile phone forensics. 

Expert reports are produced for clients to allow evidence including text messages, multimedia files, call logs to be tendered in courts that is independant of the client.




MCAA are able to offer JTAG and Chip Off examination of Small  Electronic Devices, including mobile phones, voice recorders, usb flash drives and GPS devices. These services enable data to be recovered from devices that are water damaged, fire damaged or where commercially avaliable Mobile Forensic products are unable to extract data from the device.

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